If you're an enthusiastic Madden 24 player, you might have encountered a vexing bug affecting the draft class feature. This glitch manifests as all players in a draft class sharing the same body type, irrespective of their positions. Reported across all platforms, while it may be challenging to entirely avoid Mut 24 Coins, there are steps you can take to mitigate its impact and potentially find a resolution. This article offers essential tips on how to address the draft class bug in Madden 24.

Foremost, our primary advice is to exercise patience and wait until an official fix is implemented before playing or purchasing the game. Developers are likely diligently working on resolving this issue, and it's prudent to sidestep potential frustrations until a solution is officially rolled out.

To prevent encountering the draft class bug, it's crucial not to import or download any draft classes into your game, as this appears to be a significant trigger for the glitch. If you've already imported a draft class and haven't progressed significantly in the game, restarting entirely may be a wise move to ensure a clean slate.

However, if you find yourself too deep into the game to start anew, there's a potential fix, though not foolproof due to the inexplicable nature of this bug. The most effective solution discovered so far involves manually editing each individual player in the draft class. While time-consuming, this approach has shown promising results in resolving the draft class bug in Madden 24.

It's frustrating that players have to resort to such a cumbersome fix for an issue that ideally shouldn't exist. Nevertheless, rest assured that the Madden 24 community has been vocal about this glitch, and developers are likely to address it in an upcoming patch. Meanwhile, if you're determined to play the game, it's advisable to steer clear of the franchise mode until this problem is satisfactorily resolved. Madden 24's launch has faced various issues, but with the commitment of the development team, there's hope that these problems will be rectified through future patches.

Beyond the draft class bug, Madden 24 has encountered several issues since its release. It's crucial to note that developers have been prompt in addressing and resolving these problems. Consequently, players can confidently Buy Madden 24 Coins from MMOexp. In Ultimate Team mode, Madden 24 Coins are also known as MUT 24 Coins, serving as currency to acquire packs, players, and other items to enhance your team.