The U.S.-based National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) as well as the European UEFA Women's Championship FUT 23 Coins League (UWCL) was integrated into the FIFA game following some delay. They were originally scheduled to be added to the extensive men's league on March 15 but the day before they were officially announced, the EA Sports FIFA account tweeted "due to an issue discovered during the testing of our latest Title Update, we are able to be certain that NWSL and UWCL won't be available in FIFA 23 by March 23."

It was widely believed that this would mean March 23 , so you can imagine the awe when the leagues were announced during the game today, the 22nd of March. Officially, the NWSL twitter account seemed particularly happy, tweeting an announcement in all-caps before offering FIFA 23 codes to its followers.

Prior to these changes, you could only play within two officially licensed women's teams (England's Barclays Women's Super League and France's Division 1 Arkema) However, it's worth noting that FIFA 23 is the first time any women's club team played in the FIFA title. Prior to that, it was only national teams. It's been a long time since the very first inclusion of women's teams at FIFA 16.

The latest update to the software FIFA 23 has added four NWSL stadiums, as well as complete Tournament Mode for the league as well as all 12 NWSL squads and their members. A greater number of players will result in an real and accurate FIFA 23 women's ranking list as well, and you'll be amazed at how few American women make the top 10 despite the frequency with which we're able to win World Cup tourneys.

Cristiano Ronaldo is among the most prominent names in international football, which is why it's no surprise that he's got been a FIFA 23 buy Coins prominent player within FIFA 23. In addition, he is one of the best Ultimate Team players, but EA have been quick to update the database once he had secured his shocking transfer into Saudi Club Al Nassr.