Many of the NextMakers have published NBA 2K23 gameplay videos today which highlight how to play the Jordan Challenge NBA 2K23 MT. We've uploaded a few below, and will continue to add to it throughout the day.Virtual Currency, commonly known as VC, is one of the main types of currency available in NBA 2K23. It is mostly used in MyCAREER mode to improve the MyPLAYER attributes or opening packs for players when playing in MyTEAM mode.

For a smooth progression in the game, it is necessary to work for VC constantly, and although getting VC isn't a requirement for special expertise or planning, getting the VC faster could be a challenge. But, there are a few steps you can take to ensure a consistent flow of VC towards your account.Best ways to earn VC fast in NBA 2K23

While buying VC using real cash is the most straightforward and straightforward way to obtain VC, it is generally not recommended to do so. Instead, you should use the methods that are free to play as described below.Playing MyCareeris probably your best option to earn VC through the game. The game is a constant challenge that will bring you quite a bit of VC and is your primary source of VC. In addition, the higher the difficulty of MyCareer, the greater VC you'll earn.

Playing Now online games- Each game that you participate during Play Now's Play Now online match will provide you with 400 VC If you're lucky enough to win you'll also earn extra VC Buy NBA 2K Coins. NBA 2KTV - Simply answering trivia questions featured in NBA2KTV can earn you VC.