The community is extremely vocal about what it doesn't like and has been all through the entire life of Diablo 3, so we're hopeful that Blizzard is taking this feedback from players who are fortunate enough to play significant portions of the game prior to its release. But we'd bet Blizzard doesn't like the flood of leaked footage that seems to follow following one of these private tests.

A key element of Diablo 3 that is confirmed that it will be returning is the time-limited Seasons. They are basically post-game pieces of Diablo IV Gold content that change the ways legendary items function as well as remixing the content from the base game, adding replayability to a game that's already incredibly replayable. Seasons was supported for quite a long period throughout Diablo 3, so we're hoping they'll be another major focus on the next installment of Diablo 4.

This season-long approach adds Diablo 4 up to be another irresistible Game Pass game, should it ever be shut down. A game like Diablo with solid gameplay is the perfect match to provide a service designed to allow players to get back into the live game after couple of months. But considering that the game is due to launch in June, and the battle over its future with Activision ongoing It's one game that is very unlikely to receive its Game Pass treatment on day one, unless something major occurs.

If we had a bet on Diablo 4, we'd say that the aim for Diablo 4 is that, once Diablo 4 finally comes out those in the community who were angry, and rightly so, about Diablo Immortal relax and be thinking "oh it's Diablo."

Although there are some cosmetic microtransactions that are available, and the online connection is forced, it feels like it's bound to trigger some negative reactions, the contrast between the loot-box-obsessed and incredibly negative mobile game We're hoping that this will be a breath of fresh air. The players who got excited about Immortal appeared to be doing so because it had just enough of the distinctive Diablo special sauce to distinguish the series from its peers and a game that has a lot of it could achieve success.