Many classes of D2R Ladder have it easy to make a PvP build. There are attacks that specifically mention their effectiveness against opponents or the description suggests an obvious benefit to the Battlegrounds. The Crusader faces some difficult choices. Only a few classes have the range of mobility tanks, player and options the Crusader has within D2R Items Ladder.

Going through the various servers, and studying the leaderboards and win rates, there are certainly some abilities as well as a complete set of equipment which consistently make it to the top.Due to many factors like the equipment, skills reforging, upgrades and other, it is impossible to give the exact figures in the majority of numbers presented here. Each variable number is substituted with an 'X' to signify its potential to alter.

The PvP Crusader must go all-in on area damage. Teams love to huddle up for protection. The Crusader's ability to stun can cause devastating damage to the entire enemy before they can regain control of their characters. Allies will be grateful for The Holy Banner giving guaranteed critical hits.

A large portion of players will be searching for their dream items of legendary gear after they've taken the time to beat the game. Don't forget to hunt the bonus items from the set after choosing one from the list. The complete set provides three additional effects, which are on same level as the legendary bonuses of the regular gear. The legendary gear completely destroys teams who attempt to stay together. It is possible to stay in a tangle and then die. They can also escape and die by themselves. This scenario is why that the Crusader is such a threat in the Battlegrounds.

Grace of the Flagellant might seem like a strange option The Grace of the Flagellant is a close-to-unanimous option in favor of Crusaders playing PvP. The extra punishment for enemies who take repeated punches will end their lives if they don't run from the safety of their allies.

Even for paid players reforge attribute bonuses can be guided, but are not 100% guaranteed. If enough rerolls are made every player will eventually get the exact feature they desire, but it takes time and luck even for those who have the money. So, many different attributes have been added to the same family and in order of preference.

Like the family set there's not a consensus pick on a best family bonus. Vengeance is a good choice for Crusaders for PvP buy d2r items because it's Sacred Flame group attack will give it extra chances to start.