It’s no secret that EA’s FIFA 23 launch was nothing short of a disaster. Everything from gameplay to career mode released FUT 23 Coins  with major bugs and/or flaws. While EA sat back and collected feedback, the masses took to Twitter and Reddit with #fixcareermode hashtags, and seemingly with every day that passed new bugs were found and submitted to EA. Last week, EA released patch version 1.05 in an attempt to right the wrongs. Nearing 1 GB in size (on PS4), this is one of the biggest patches the FIFA franchise has seen. So let’s see if FIFA 23 has improved post-patch.

GameplayLegendary AIMade a number of changes to Legendary AI Difficulty with the goal of making it more challenging:Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s ability to mark a player that is Strafe Dribbling.Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s ability to apply defensive pressure to the opponent’s ball carrier.Improved the CPU AI Controlled Player’s passing logic by allowing it to make smarter decisions when passing.This is intended to result in better passing target selection by the CPU AI Controlled Player.This should/will result in less offside passes by the CPU AI Controlled Player.

It’s odd, Legendary difficulty released this year and immediately the feedback was that the mode was too easy. Some of the issues plaguing gameplay buy FIFA 23 Coins  (lack of defensive AI awareness, inexplicable jockeying, etc.) were amplified on Legendary. Taking a player, almost any player would suffice, you could dribble the entire defense and be in your opposition’s box without much resistance. As evidenced by this patch, the defensive logic, specifically their ability to close attackers down and put in a challenge, was enhanced.

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